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From Germany to Spain

Hello María,
I've been a couple of days in Germany and I thought I'd send you a postcard to tell you how I'm doing :). As I expected there is a lot of beer! There is also a lot of frankfurts and sausages, although they are served different from Spain, but they are delicious. I hope everything's good at home.

Regards from Germany!

From Spain to Germany

Hello Kerstin,
I'm writing to you from the beautiful Spain. Our trip today started in Mataró and ended in Sarvisé, where we had a stunning view! The spanish people are very nice and I was able to improve my spanish a little bit :)
Next time, you have to come too.

Best wishes and the warmth of the spanish sun.

From Italy to United States

Hello John!
How are you doing? I just got to Italy and I'm loving this country! Great food, great places and I'm having a lot of fun. I thought I'd send you a postcard to show you how cool this is. I've met a couple of locals who are showing me around and I'm seeing the traditional Italy. I hope you are doing good as well!

Regards from Italy,